Make a plan, and let go.

This past year, I've debuted some of my favorite roles ever, traveled to gorgeous cities, met so many amazing musicians and conductors and made music with them. This job is very fulfilling, but I've esp. enjoyed working with young artists this past season in lessons and masterclasses. The upcoming young classical singers are giving me LIFE. I find so much joy in conversation with why we do this silly, crazy, dramatic art-form.

Lessons from artists of all ages:

I worked with a young artist in Indianapolis, while singing Violetta. She inspired me with her fearlessness, her curiosity, her joy. During a masterclass in Whitewater, a tenor gave me chills when he let go technically at the risk of cracking and it paid off. These situations remind me that we all are working towards the same thing - technically - to have a plan, and then let go - in all categories of life, that works. 

While singing with the Liverpool Philharmonic this last year, I had many inspiring conversations with Sir Andrew Davis, who was conducting. He shared that if the moment where he gave a perfect performance occurred, he should quit. There's no reason to keep doing this without that curiosity.

Get to it. Make a plan, and let go. 



Emily Birsan