8 Sickness-Fighting Items in a Singer’s Luggage

Allergy season is upon us. YAY. In the UK (milder climate, more wet climate) it hits me harder than at home. If you’ve been in a Whole Foods or health store lately, you would see there are TONS of options. I remember being completely clueless and was introduced to some of these products by both British and American singers. I am not a doctor, but wanted to share the things I use and maybe we can compare notes. JHere we go!

8.     Neti Pot.

This is no new thing for singers, and personally I think some people do it too much. But it has helped me on occasion to clear out the dust spring cleaning brings up. I love the Nasopure because it can collapse into your luggage easily if you squeeze it!

7.     Jakeman’s Honey & Lemon Menthol drops

Similar frequency to the neti-pot, they are good if you can’t find a tea nearby to soothe the throat. Very sweet IMO. You can get them in the US and UK at most grocery and drug stores.

6. Echinaforce Echinacea tablets – A.Vogel Brand (Switzerland)

These tablets are not meant for immediate relief, but they build in your system and are for long-time use. I take one every morning in the winter and spring.

5. Theanine tablets – Source Naturals

This stuff is GOOD, ya’ll. I take it when I feel extra stress come on – stress makes you SICK. It’s a supplement (amino acid derived from plants) that reduces mental and physical stress, improves cognition, and boosts mood and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffiene.

4. “Valor” Essential Oil - Young Living

Apply this on wrists, back of neck, and shoulders. This concoction of spruce, rosewood, frankincense and blue tansy works wonders for me on a stuffed up day. You could also try something like Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil!

3. “Lemon Vitality” Essential Oil - Young Living

Another essential oil. Lemon water in the morning right when you wake up – it supports your organs and immune system. Put it in your smoothie or your tea, too!

2. Wellness Formula Tablets  - Source Naturals

These little buggers are pretty expensive at Whole Foods, but they sure do stop a cold in its tracks! You have to take a bunch and they taste kinda jank.. garlicky and garden-like.

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for number one. These things have improved many a rehearsal and performance when I was feeling under the weather.

1.     Vocalzone Throat Pastilles –Estrel Medical

These are peppermint, myrrh and menthol in a mini tablet that packs a punch! They open up your sinuses really well in my experience. I usually can’t keep it in my mouth and just set it on my tea cup handle so I can occasionally pop it in my mouth.

Hope this helps! Happy Spring singing to you. Please leave a comment about things you use that might help others get through this icky season!

Emily Birsan